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2016 EBWR Update Table of Contents
Update Summary: Collision Free E-Bike, a Prediction
The State of the LEV/EV Business 2016
E-bike Market History and Forecast Overview
Worldwide Electric Bike Sales 2014-2018
Worldwide Electric Bike Sales 2015-2035
European Country Electric Bike Sales 2014-2018
Worldwide Electric Scooter Sales 2014-2018
Worldwide Electric Scooter Sales 2015-2035
Direction for the USA EB Market
2016 European E-Bicycling Report
General Motors Quietly Announces an EB Project
China Phone Company Enters E-Bike Arena
Cargo Bikes Becoming Electric
Technology for Ebikes. Help or Hurt Sales?
Next-gen E-Bike Technology Still Pedaling Uphill
Dahon’s Ford Bikes for Europe Launched at Taipei Cycle
Taipei Cycle 2016 Influenced by Markets Moving in Opposite Directions
Crowdfunded EB Project Creates 2015 Media Controversy
E-Scooter Rentals Succeed in San Francisco
Entering a New Era of Bike Shop Retailing
Mahindra ESs in USA Production and Selling
New European Reliability Standard for Personal Light Electric Vehicles
Taiwan Bicycle Industry Standard Incorporates Global Standards
Bloomfield Bike Sales Keep Growing
EV Northwest Sells EBs Twenty Year
Pedego Dramatic EB Sales Rise
Busettii E-Bike/Kit/Parts Sales Grow in 2015
Giant Takes Fast Lane with Electric Road Models
Quikbyke Progress EVWorld
India E-Bikes and E-Cycles Explained
India EB/ES Market Growing Slowly but Deliberately
Import E-Bikes Continues to Grow Briskly in Europe
Belgian Politician Tests 45 km/h EB as Car Alternative
Czech OEMs Double Their E-bike Sales
German Bike Market Shows Growth in All Segments
ZEG Steps into E-Bike Tourist Business with Travelbike
Poland’s Bike Sales On the Rise Again
Expensive Models and E-bikes Increase Market Share in Sweden
Israel Knesset Increases Minimum Riding Age for EBs from 14 to 16
USA Legislative Update March 2016
China Inc.’s Nuclear Power Push
Prospects for New Batteries and Fuel Cells
XALT Lithium Ion Battery Plant in Michigan
Competition for Complete E-Bike System Suppliers
More Lithium Batteries in China EBs as Market Slows
E-Scooter Battery Exchange Project Starts in Amsterdam
Pininfarina Plans Fuel Cell Supercar
Honda works with GM to lower costs of fuel cell vehicles
Army to Test GM Chevrolet Colorado Fuel Cell Truck
Electric Bicycle Propulsion Systems 2016
NuVinci Optimized Transmissions Dominating ebikes
NuVinci of Fallbrook Technologies Expands OEM and Dealer Services
Unique Carbon Fiber Frame for E-Bikes
Automotive Innovations: LEV Impact?
How Beijing’s EV Plan Came Unglued — What to do Now?
China’s Vehicle Fleet Grows 12% to 172 Million in 2015
GM Expands Ride-Sharing Efforts with Maven
Lyft Drivers to Rent GM Vehicles
Opel’s Ampera-e EV to be Built in USA
GM to Buy Autonomous Driving Startup Cruise
Autopia by Apple/Google Could Change Auto Industry
Google Self-Driving Car Defined
Self-Driving Technology Moves Ahead
E-Bike Africa Expedition Successfully Accomplished First Leg
Previous Pedelec Adventures
2 billion e-bikes and LEVs by the year 2015?
Electric Bikes Pick up Speed in Gridlocked Seattle
VANMOOF’s Bike Poncho
Principia College Solar Car Race Competitive
The Walking & Biking Benchmarking Project

EBWR15 Table of Contents

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